Oh that''s much better

22 Aug 2013

I have been vexed and stymied for quite some time by the default colors in the OS X terminal, both in the included Terminal application and iTerm2, to which I switched a while back. Specifically the default color for directories when displaying via ls -G is dark blue, which is quite hard to parse on a black background.

Upgraded and updated and what not

21 Apr 2013
I''ve just upgraded and updated the platform for this blog to the latest Drupal 7 release. Not sure if I like it yet or not. I may just end up moving this whole blog over to an "old" space and build a completely new Wordpress blog. Whatever I end up doing, I''m trying to get this thing back up and running. I''ve tended to just post crap to Facebook recently, but would really prefer to maintain everything over here myself.

WTF with Apple sucking?

23 Jun 2011

Update: The whole reason I got into this is because of a problem completely of Apple's own totally unnecessary making, specifically that the default installed JDK does not include the sources or javadoc, which comes along with the standard JDK normally. This means that when you want docs or sources for anything at the JDK level, you're SOL. Why not? Because... I don't know why not.

The power of suggestion

17 Jun 2011

One week ago today, we were en route to Pittsburgh, or actually had already arrived by this time. The trip was a surprise for me, or at least the destination was: I knew we were going somewhere, but not where. Carrie had planned this trip for a few months for the occasion of our 10th wedding anniversary and kept our itinerary secret. Neither of us had ever been to Pittsburgh, but wanted to go for a few reasons, not the least of which was to make a trip to Fallingwater, which is about an hour and a half outside of town.