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Donald doesn't like 'em long

3 May 2011

Shorter Trump: Gay people shouldn't be allowed to get married because I like shorter putters.


The obvious question arises, should people not be allowed to use those putters he doesn't like? Because if so, and the Donald chooses not to use them, then gay people should be allowed to marry but Donald Trump shouldn't be forced to have a gay marriage. I can live with that.

Slam-'em-Down Sloppy Joes

2 Feb 2011

I'm going through a bunch of old files so that I can set up a sensible back-up system (I have a back-up system, but it's NOT sensible at this point!) and I ran across this awesome Sloppy Joe recipe that I thought I'd lost!  It's called Slam-'em-Down Sloppy Joes and I found it on a site for a TV station, but the recipe's no longer available there.