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The canon of Krugman

25 Mar 2009

Via Andrew Sullivan, Justin Fox does a take-down of Paul Krugman's position as factual arbiter amongst a certain segment of the commentariat.  Now, I'm a big fan of Paul Krugman, both of his mainstream writing for public consumption and some of his more academic work.  Not the hardcore academic economics (I studied political science and public policy, not economics), b

Fixing missing external configuration files in Visual Studio 2008 unit tests

17 Mar 2009

Update: I found a situation in which it seems you must deploy your supporting code for unit tests and explicitly deploy external configuration files.  Read below for more information.

It's pretty simple to create external configuration files in .NET 2.0 and later.  There are some issues with this capacity however:

I guess it depends on what you mean by "amusing"

11 Mar 2009

This is entitled "FROM A READER, an amusing parody."  Never mind the asinine and juvenile names for each of the "Botchmen" (I'm totally cool with asinine and juvenile things, I still think "Beavis and Butthead" is one of the funniest shows ever).  But the idea that it's the Obama Administration that's botched the economy, lo these 50 days into their reign, and not the previous eight-plus years of stupidity, cronyism, and mismanagement (and I don't absolve the Clinton Administration or Democrats from their own involvement), no

Handy Vista trick for desktop icons

25 Feb 2009

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, I think Windows Vista is pretty good. I've had very little trouble with it compared to the trouble I had with, say, Windows XP at this point in its lifecycle. Graphically I think it's very slick looking also. The main complaint that I had with it was that the desktop icons were absurdly large, making the desktop feel very crowded even on my super-groovy 24" 1920x1200 monitor.

Maybe this is why NASCAR attendance is off

6 Feb 2009

I thought, hey, living here in the freakin' Heart Of America™, I should have a few opportunities to go catch a Sprint Cup NASCAR race (full disclosure: I started watching NASCAR a couple of years ago when I couldn't find anything else to watch in HD on my HDTV; all of a sudden, NASCAR racing made a lot more sense and was a lot more exciting!). So I know Daytona's coming up next weekend and I figured I could look and see what races were scheduled for this season.