A great point

23 Jul 2010

Like most other people on the more non-conservative side of things, I was pretty disappointed with the administration's actions in the recent Shirley Sherrod dust-up.  But I thought that their actions were somewhat mitigated by the fact that they fairly quickly did the right thing: admitted they were wrong, apologized, and tried to take steps to make things as right as they could be under the circumstances.

I think Steve Benen sums up the way I see the situation pretty well right here:

Ideally, an administration avoids making dumb mistakes, but it matters how an administration corrects those missteps once they happen. In this case, there's something to be said for the president's team doing the right thing...  We had an administration for eight years that never admitted an error, and always found someone else to blame, no matter what.

And similarly the conservative side of this story sticks to that particular playbook.  Neither Breitbart nor Fox News has apologized, and both in fact went on to blame, in no particular order, the "media" (the irony of both Breitbart and Fox actually being, y'know, the media seems to escape them), the NAACP, and the administration.

So... we report, you decide.  Right?